Josh Jacobs Design

SciFlies Rebranding & Site Redesign

My work reinvigorating a small Tampa, FL based company's brand to better reflect their values and bring them into the 21st century.


CLIENT: SciFlies

Problem: Lack of funding can plague science projects from start to finish, preventing some potentially world-altering enterprises from ever becoming real scientific cannon. 

Solution: SciFlies is looking to change the field of science through a crowdsourcing platform dedicated specifically to advancing the field of science by alleviating the pressure of the financial burden. The brand and website should reflect these value and goals in a modern, clean fashion.



The Kite Concept

I should start by saying that, before my colleague passed my their contact information, SciFlies had already been formed and running for a few years out of the University of South Florida in Tampa. Name for the founders of the company, the Fries family, I imagine "SciFlies" sounded better than "SciFries", and so a trademark was born.

My job was to take their old experience (A slammed together wordpress site, helmed with a logo featuring a bee, of all things) and make it relevant. That said, the most important perameter be that I work within the already established name and trajectory of the brand, and the concept of flight. With these things in mind, I developed "The Kite".


Sci-FLIES, get it?

Like I said, originally the groups logo featured a bee highlighted by some sort of honeycomb pattern. A pattern which, ultimately, I would pay homage to with "The Kite".

There are many different representations of flight, but the kite was unique of all of them because it conveyed both whimsical and scientific elements. Planes, birds, or other delineations may have been misconstrued for some other type of company, but a kite is simple yet elegant.

Finishing Touches

A modish touch was required to attain a certain level of sophistication that is associated with the field of science; a plain kite just wouldn't cut it. With this in mind, the final mark exudes purposeful minimalism. The concept of SciFlies is complex, and I wanted to break that down to its most base with this mark. 

The hexagonal shape, mixed with an asymmetrical composition, lends to upwards flight, but more specifically one with an unconventional trajectory.

The website design mockup was the last piece of collateral I sent to the Fries. Based on websites they enjoyed, the site was supposed to feature large articles at the top, an easy to use search navigation, and a comprehensive ecommerce component. I had plans to dig deeper (read: responsive, commerce flow, UI charts, et cetera), but the company opted to outsource these plans.


Sciflies launched anew in November of 2011.

However, momentum fades. After running the site for 3 years, the Fries left the project to pursue more fruitful efforts.