Josh Jacobs Design

carter's & OshKosh B'gosh

My work for OshKosh B'gosh, an American children's apparel company founded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1895. OKBG is a subsidiary of Carter's Inc., which is based out of Buckhead, Georgia.


CLIENT: OshKosh B'gosh

Problem: Sell childrens clothes in an incredibly saturated, cut-throat market

Solution: Provide a best of class, consistent presentation to create relevant, impactful, well-rounded campaigns that deliver a one-two punch of brand and value.



Had you asked me years ago what type of job I'd get coming out of school, I guarantee that the answer would not have had anything to do with children's clothing.

In retrospect, I don't think I could have found a better fit. Not only did I discover growth opportunities that I was not expecting, but I was also able to help re-energize a time-tried brand as it struggled to enter the 21st century. In design school, you tackle the exterior of the brand; the color scheme, target market, mark, et cetera. However, with OshKosh I was given the opportunity to help shape the interior of the brand a la the experience, which has inspired my work more than I ever thought kids' clothes could.

I learned so much in my two years at OKBG, and it helped to shape me into the designer I am today. 


These laydowns were shot exclusively for an email requested by our CEO to showcase our plaid collection, an attempt to ride the coattails of a huge promotion Target was running at the time.

Art Direction

Those clothing laydowns didn't shoot themselves. Stakeholders would come to my team with an ask; sell X of this type of product on X day. That was all the direction we have, and I loved it. Working closely with our photography studio in West Midtown, I helped to direct over 50 clothing shoots in my tenure, which were used across all platforms for email promotions, site heroes, social media, and more.

I developed several different stylizations of icons before opting for a cleaner two-toned design. My personal favorite made use of ben-day dots for to add shadow and detail. 

Iconography Design

In addition to supplementing the needs of the marketing team, my team also aided in the establishment of new UI/UX ideas. One of the biggest projects I worked on at OKBG was the iconography initiative, which added value and information to the Product Description Pages. I had to pass this project on to other designers when I left the company, but my work laid much of the groundwork for the final product.

Icons, icons icons! These icons were designed to add visual value to our already information-heavy pages, but the most important factor was for them to be as fun and playful as the brand they represent.

Icons, icons icons! These icons were designed to add visual value to our already information-heavy pages, but the most important factor was for them to be as fun and playful as the brand they represent.

Part of the Social overhaul for the brands in 2014 was rethinking the way we used out brands imagery to reflect our values but also our product. This required a complete overhaul of cover photos from every social media platform.

Social Media Marketing

In 2014, Carter's began a huge cross-brand initiative to be less promotional and more brand-minded in our social media marketing. I was the head designer selected from OshKosh to front this endeavour, which would eventually spawn a whole new strategy team. During this period from 2014 to 2015, I helped in the creation of over 200 Social Media assets, taking the brand to new exciting places in the realm of paid & social media.

The results were immediately noticeable, with Instagram posts tracking at 2-3x more likes than YOY posts prior.


OKBG Email Favorites

OKBG B'gosh Active Campaign, 3/9/2015

I worked closely with the photo studio to produce these fashion-forward laydowns. From a conceptual standpoint, we wanted to capture how the consistent themes of the clothes, might resonate with and inspire the children. A rare break from the value-heavy messaging the consumer is used to, this sort of email was seen as a breath of fresh, crisp air.

OKBG Fashion Collection Campaign, 5/16/2015

This email design, featuring B'gosh Active Shorts, was the first to feature a seamless blend of laydown and lifestyle imagery. An instant summer favorite (and high-performer), this layout would go on to inspire many, many spinoffs.

OKBG Christmas Campaign, 12/25/2015

I was lucky enough to be able to coordinate our christmas campaign for 2015, which was meant to feature light, fun imagery and a brand-centric message. This composition was recycled on site's homepage, in email, & on social media Christmas day.

As a supplementary effort, I worked with the photo studio to shoot the below laydowns an email requested directly from Carter's CEO. This campaign, showcasing our plaid collection, was an attempt to ride the coattails of a huge plaid-centric promotion Target was running at the time, and also served to counter-balance the "promotionless" nature of the above send.

I worked extensively with the product teams to determine what pieces would be featured in our sends



OshKosh B'Josh. That's what they called me.

To this day, my personal Instagram handle remains to be @josh.bgosh, and I look back on my time with the company very, very fondly.